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Business Formation & Incorporation

Business Incorporation Services

Don't Step Over the Dollar to Pick up The Nickel

Starting a new business is an exciting venture - perhaps the pinnacle of the American Dream.  One essential decision needs to be made immediately is the type of entity structure to operate under. The entity structure selected will greatly impact your taxes and personal liability - making an informed decision is key to to realizing the greatest tax benefit. 


Such important decisions require attention from an experienced and well-knowledgeable CPA, and can't be trusted from an online do-it-yourself method.

Tailored to Your Individual Needs

There is no one size fits all solution in entity selection. The IRS offers a number of entity structures depending on the purpose and needs of both the business and its owners. These include S-Corporation, C-Corporation, Limited Liability Company (LLC), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), sole proprietor and more. Multiple factors differentiate entity selection choices, including liability, ease of formation and operation, taxation, suitability to the business purpose and ease of expansion, sale, termination or dissolution. 

At GT Tax & Accounting, our CPAs help navigate these options from company inception through growth and development. Our professionals explain the benefits and drawbacks of each entity type and the tax impact on both ownership and the business itself. In addition, we also work with companies on entity restructuring and related analysis.

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The first steps are often the most important especially when it comes to starting a company. If you have questions about the right entity structure for your company, or would like to discuss restructuring, GT is here to help.

We provide a free consultation, please fill out the form to the right to get started, or contact our offices at (818) 570-0071

Our Business Formation Services Include:
  • Analysis of business objectives, number of owners, asset protection, desired investment structure, future goals and exit strategy

  • Consultation on specific tax and non-tax matters related to each entity option

  • Tax liability planning and projections

  • Business Incorporation & LLC Formation Services

  • LLC vs S-corp analysis

  • Register your DBA 

  • State and Local Business Filings

  • City Permits and Business License Filing Services

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