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High Net Worth Individuals

Wealth Management Tax Services

Tax Advisor for High Net Worth & Family Office

Preserving wealth and protecting assets is a primary goal of high net worth individuals and family offices. You worked hard to accumulate your wealth, and preserving it can be challenging. At GT, our wealth management services provide proactive solutions to protect your assets and reduce tax obligations. 


Our approach is different and unique from larger firms. GT offers year-round personalized wealth management services that are tailored to address your unique financial needs.  Personal attention goes a long way in helping us meet your individual objectives. 


We provide wealth management services for multi-generational families, business owners, entrepreneurs, and high net individuals. We work to build a comprehensive tax plan that safeguards assets throughout your life and transfers wealth to your beneficiaries with minimal tax implications. This proposal may include succession planning, estate planning, and investment management.

Personal Attention, Year Round

Tax planning is a year round activity for our high net worth clients. This enables us to evaluate the tax implications of changes that occur in your business holdings and investments. As your wealth grows and your circumstances change, we'll adjust this plan accordingly so you always have the peace of mind of knowing that your family will be financially protected in the years to come.

Our Wealth Management Services Include:

  • Full Service Accounting

  • Quarterly financial statement preparation

  • Tax planning & preparation

  • Payroll processing & reporting

Get in Touch with Our Tax Experts

Are you curious to learn why so many wealthy individuals have turned to us for guidance and assistance? Talk with our tax CPA today.

We provide a free consultation, please fill out the form to the right to get started, or contact our offices at (818) 570-0071

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