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Healthcare Accountant

More Time For Your Patients, Less with Taxes

Healthcare organizations face complex regulatory and accounting issues. Running a medical practice can be a tough venture in today's changing environment - especially tax compliance.  At GT, have industry insights and are deep expertise in tax law to help you with your tax related matters. Our health care accountants will analyze your unique business needs and offer high level accounting and tax preparation services that allow you to spend less time buried in financial documents and more time where it really matters- with the patients.

Our approach is different. We work proactively with your medical practice to identify cost-saving opportunities, tax credits and incentives, and entity selection. With our deep expertise in tax law & the industry, we provide strategic solutions to mitigate tax liabilities and increase your bottom line profitability. 

Our Healthcare Tax Services Include:
  • Full Service Accounting

  • Payroll processing & reporting

  • Tax preparation & planning services for physicians, pharmacies, dentistry , long-term care facilities, home-health care, and hospices.

  • Business formation / entity selection

Get in Touch with Our Tax Experts

Are you curious to learn why so many healthcare professionals have turned to us for guidance and assistance? Talk with our tax professionals.

We provide a free consultation, please fill out the form to the right to get started, or contact our offices at (818) 570-0071

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