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Manufacturing, Retail & Distributions

Manufacturing Accounting Services

Guiding You Through Business Tax Filings

Manufacturing and distribution can be a tough industry. There are several issues management must contend with including production optimization, cost reductions, changing regulatory guidelines, and off-shore pressures. You need a experienced CPA firm to guide you through the twists and turns of this complex business environment. At GT Tax, we guide clients through personalized and innovative strategies to increase your profitability and maximize your competitive advantage. 


Our approach is different. We work proactively with management to identify cost-saving opportunities, tax credits and incentives, or implementing a process improvement plan. With our deep expertise in tax law & the industry, we provide strategic solutions to mitigate tax liabilties and increase your bottom line proftiability. 

We provide strategic solutions to help all types of manufacturing and distribution businesses meet the challenges of their industry to become more productive and profitable. We offer a comprehensive list of accounting services that enable manufacturers to efficiently monitor expenses, track inventory, and keep pace with new regulations. 

Our Manufacturing Accounting Services Include:

  • Full service Accounting

  • Budgeting and Financial Forecasting

  • Multi-State tax planning & preparation

  • Federal and state tax credits

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